Thursday, June 27, 2002

Hey Yo! Welcome to this new blog I set up. Does this make me some sort of "tech-geek"? Probably, but who cares.

NBA Draft has come and gone. My highlight was listening to Barkley and the Commish engage in some verbal sparing. Someone tell Kenny Smith that it is ok that more foreign guys were picked than Tar Heels. If you want a full recap, check out the always on point Sports Guy at Page 2 on .

While you are there, read the World Cup Diary. Man I am jealous of that guy hanging out in Japan and catching all those games. Good showing by the US and I think DeMarcus Beasley and Landon Donovan could make a big showing in the next Cup. All the teams I was pulling for are long gone. The boys in green from the Emerald Isle had a strong run led by Robbie Keane (waiting for my Keane jersey to arrive in the mail)...and I give props to the Korean squad. Drop me a line if you know where I can score one of those red t-shirts they were all wearing.

Bartolo Colon is an Expo.....and I am gone for now.


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