Sunday, June 30, 2002

Yesterday I headed up to Toronto to catch the All-Canada battle between the Expos and Jays. Since the Jays are pretty bad, I was able to get a ticket in the row behind the Expos dugout. Vlad Guerrero launched one off the restaurant in center, but the Jays rallied to win the game. Couple of things I noticed: 1) The Expos were cruising but faltered when Stewart replaced Tucker to start the 9th, even though Tucker blew the Jays away in the 8th and 2) 5 guys sitting two rows behind me were tremendous hecklers. Most of their material somehow involved poking fun at the Maple Leafs not winning a Cup in 30+ years...tremendous creativity there.

World Cup is over and now I can either sleep in later or get out for some runs. Great comment from ESPN's Tommy Smyth will take us out of here for now "The officiating in this World Cup has been crap."


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