Monday, July 08, 2002

At this moment, Sammy Sosa is knocking down Miller Park bit by bit. Somehow the estimated distances that they are reporting appear to be a bit off. One ball hit about 50 feet up in center field and they said it was 480.....right. That ball had to be over 5 bills without a doubt. Of course at this rate, this contest will end around midnight, so we'll have to see what else happens during the rest of the competition.

My top hitting performance of the first half would have to go to Shawn Green for his 6-6, 4HR day against the Brewers. Best pitching performance will go to Derek Lowe, but a no-hitter against Tampa Bay is a little bit like pitching one in a Nintendo game.

Hey look as Jeffrey Loria ruins another baseball franchise. Guess what Jeff, it rains a lot in South Florida and people won't buy good money to see a crappy team. Good luck with that contraction. I make no secret about my wish that the Expos make the playoffs and maybe adding Dempster and Floyd would allow them to sneak past the second-place squad in the West.

Right now, my fantasy team is sitting at .500 thanks to some up and down play and poor decisions by yours truly. Here's hoping for a big second half from Piazza and Dunn and the continued success of Vizquel,Colon and Mulder.

Ok so the Rangers kept Richter and added Holik and Kasparitis. If they get Amonte, I will be worried. Losing Fleury does hurt them because the guy plays hard and really gets under the skin of his opponents. Here's hoping that Dougie Gilmour comes back for another year with Les Habitants.

I am currently reading "Tropic of Hockey" by Dave Bidini. It is about finding hockey in some unusual places. So far, it's a good read if you like hockey. It also made me realize that if I was Canadian, my nickname would be "Kevie"....hmmm well maybe we could go with "Wally" instead.


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