Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Ok so we all know what happened in the All-Star Game and let me add my $.02 on this subject. I don't mind the game ending in a tie, since it is not worth anyone getting hurt, but did we need the "ok if you guys don't score, then it's a tie game because it is getting dark and my mom is calling me me home" bit. I agree with those who said that they should have decided in the 9th how many innings they would play in case of a tie and let the fans now ahead of time. Other people had a good idea saying they should have had a short Home Run Derby to pick a winner.

My beef is with the lack of an MVP. I mean here they go through all of this about honoring Ted Williams and then they pull a "John Henry" by not picking someone. Here you go- Co-MVP's: Paul Konerko and Damian Miller- problem solved- you're welcome.

I have turned off the ESPYs because Jennifer Capriati won for Comeback of the Year over Saku Koivu. OK, let me get this straight girl overcomes "burnout" while guy beats cancer and returns in less than a year to help lead his team to an opening-round playoff win....yes I am biased towards Saku, but c'mon people- which is truly the better comeback. I would buy Peter Forsberg maybe over Koivu because he had a better playoffs and his team went further and at least he had some medical problems to overcome. This is a travesty of justice.....travesty I tell ya.

Link of the week: The Pawtucket Red Sox


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