Friday, May 28, 2004

In case you haven't heard, Kobe Bryant spent all day in court and then had to play a basketball game last night. He's my hero.....but seriously can we stop mentioning this. It's not like he's toiling all day in the sun and heat and riding a bike home. He sits in a courtroom and flies a private jet back to LA- let's get over it people.

You have to read this article. Lots of laughs. So who would you add to your list? I added Horace Grant (the ML Carr of this year's playoffs), and Frankie from Real World San Diego. Speaking of this show, when your 12 year old sister has a better grasp of reality than you, you might want to seek professional help. How can someone in San Diego be so miserable? Longing for Kansas City? Gotta feel for her boyfriend who got yelled at for trying to share some good news. It sure makes for great tv though.

Forget the NBA- watch the Stanley Cup Finals. Iginla and St. Louis are great to watch and this series is full of've been schooled so watch it might be the last NHL action you see for a while.


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