Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to post on this more often. Well let's start with the fantasy sports update. My football squad clinched 1st with one week of the regular season to go. Hopefully, I won't fold in the first playoff game like last year. I have been led by The Chad the last couple of weeks and my roster now looks like this:
QB: Pennington, Vick, Plummer
RB: J. Lewis, M. Faulk, A. Thomas, Hearst
WR: R. Moss, Bruce, R. Smith, M. Muhammed
TE: Gonzalez
K: Vanderjagt
D: KC and Seattle

On paper, this squad is tough, but who do I play The Chad or Vick? Decisions, decisions...

I am also playing fantasy hoops and am currently in 1st with this squad-
G: Terry, Pierce, B. Barry, J. Barry
F: Van Horn, Malone, Webber, Spreewell, McKie, Kenny Thomas, Laettner, Rose, Turkoglu
C:Divac, E. Thomas, Jason Collins
This team looks real strong once Webber comes back, but for now I am doing alright.

How about that Carmelo Anthony? Yeah, he's an ok player. Enjoy him Denver because we miss him here in the Cuse.

Sheffield and Schilling. Who wins? Who cares? The Yankees are going to add Colon and Kevin Brown without losing anyone off their playoff roster. Boston has lost Todd Walker and is serious trouble after this year when Nomar, Lowe, Nixon and Varitek will be free agents. Can the Sox expect career years from Mueller, Ortiz and Millar again? Sorry Beantown, but The Curse will continue.

The BCS should go. How can a game between 5-6 teams SU and Notre Dame impact the National Championship game? This system stinks on toast. Let's bring on the 8 team playoff already.


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