Sunday, August 17, 2003

Been too long between posts here. I place my blame on work, NCAA Football 2004 and my girlfriend (but not in that order). Since I am stuck at work on a beautiful Sunday, let me hit you with some random thoughts:

- Vick's injury means the Falcons hopes are done, the fantasy value of Peerless Price is minimal and in Somerville Breeze is breaking things.

- Where can I buy one of those " I Love Kobe" bracelets? Even Doug Christie is laughing about how whipped Kobe became when this hit the fan.

- College football is starting and here are my picks by conference:
Big East: Miami, Pitt, SU, VT, WVU,BC
Big 10:Wisconsin,Michigan,Ohio St
Big 12: Kansas St, Texas,Okla
Pac 10:Wash.,ASU,Oregon
MWC: Air Force,Utah,BYU

- The NBA should change the playoffs so that all the west teams can meet in the "final 4". LA,Sac,Dallas and SA are stacked this year. I still think SA is the favorite and you know why.......Manu!

- There is much ado about Freddy Adu (bad pun I know), but he's a little young to be calling him the savior of US soccer. Besides US soccer can't be too bad if a Yank is in goal for Man U (not to be confused with Manu).

- NCAA 2004 is better than I expected. I hear Madden is even better. I need a job where I can get paid to stay home and play these games.


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