Saturday, May 31, 2003

Been busy lately, so let’s try and catch up on some things. Steve Kerr? All I have to say is that it’s about time he got to play against a zone defense. The Finals might be ok as both teams can get out and run. The question will be can Kenyon Martin contain Duncan? Of course, we have to wait to see any of these games as I think they get started with the series in a month or so.

The Devils have solved Jiggy so far in the Cup Finals (which by the way is the coolest trophy in all sports). Let’s hope RI’s own Keith Carney can lead the Ducks back. How bout Marty Brodeur? No, not the two great games, I’m talking about having an affair with his sister-in-law. He really got jiggy with it. Na na na na na!

All the hubub about Annika playing was just too much. She played well and more of the LPGA players should get shots to play with the men. It didn’t prove anything to anyone and all sports are about the ratings and the money (see ACC expansion).

The Pistons fire Rick Carlisle to hire Tony Kornheiser’s favorite camp counselor and I ask why? After all the moving around Brown does, what makes Detroit think he is better suited than Carlisle. Let’s go to the tale of the tape to compare this year’s Pistons to the ‘01 Sixers:

Philly Detroit
Scorer Iverson Hamilton
PG playing on one leg Snow Billups
Defensive SF Lynch Curry
Big man who can’t score Mutombo Wallace

Well I think Detroit made a bad move here as the players can’t help but wonder what Carlisle did wrong. I say that Van Gundy ends up in Houston, Silas goes to Cleveland, NO hires Fratello, Washington gets Cleamons and Philly hires who knows.


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