Friday, May 16, 2003

"Mr. Bryant. Your tee time is scheduled for 9:30." Ah yes. The NBA Finals without the Lakers and MJ. Good stuff. Now maybe there will be some suspense over who wins. Could the Spurs and Nets face off in the "Battle for Jason Kidd". How about AI vs Doug Christie in "The Thug vs Mr. Whipped" or Dikembe vs Bradley in "Battle of Big Scrawny Guys who can't Score"? The possibilites are endless folks...just use your imagination.

I admit to being scared last night. As I watched Shaq pushing around Malik Rose, I wondered aloud to why Kevin Willis wasn't getting some minutes. Five seconds later, Bill Walton says the same thing. My girlfriend and her brother looked at me with concern. Is it possible that I think along the same wavelength as the Big Deadhead? That's enough to give everyone the shivers.

No need to talk about the ACC-Big East until after the weekend. I sense some big surprises coming up and the power of college football might be shifting. Good thing I have those front row tickets locked down.


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