Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Now that the hoopla has quieted down here in CNY, let's get this blog back running again. Although if Melo says he's coming back, then the party starts up again. Had a great time at the Carrier Dome celebration last week. Lotta love for the Cuse here in the 315 lately. Some thoughts about the championship game:
-This is what makes college basketball special. Two teams battling for a title for themselves, their coaches and their schools.
-Hinrich, Anthony and McNamara all battled through injuries in the second half-laying it on the line to try and win.
-Pace, Edelin, Langford and Graves stepping it up in the big game and playing well in support of the stars.
-Finally a championship's defining moment is a defensive play, not a shot and not a turnover. Warrick's play should go down in history as one of the most important blocks ever.

Second week of the baseball season and my fantasy squad is in first in my division. I don't know how because I have 0 saves and have had sporadic pitching so far. On the offensive side, not much from Chipper Jones and Josh Phelps, but my pickup of Jose Cruz Jr is looking really good right now.

Having a hard time getting into the NHL playoffs right now. I would be happier for Anaheim to win if they didn't have that ridiculous name and mascot- can we get this changed now? In the East, NJ is looking pretty tough right now and the other teams are having a tough battle to advance which gives the Devils an edge.

Someone told me Snoop Dogg has a song out called "Beautiful." Funny I don't think I've ever heard it on the radio or seen the video on the MTV channels.


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