Wednesday, February 05, 2003

If you haven't already done so, check out .Bill Walton's column this week. I caught part of his new ESPN show this weekend and it was unusual to say the least. Not sure who the Stuttering John look alike is, but seeing that guy in sweat pants talking to Jordan was pretty funny. Pretty cool that Stevie Francis and Cuttino Mobley got Walton to say "That's Horrible"- Walton is the man.

Why are people surprised that all of these college basketball #1's are losing? No team is that good that they will go through the year with only 2-3 losses. If you thought we saw some Madness last March, you ain't seen nothing yet.

My latest crazy idea is to get a velour sweatsuit (with hood) and have my name embroidered on it....maybe a Carolina blue or grey. You can't beat that for style.

It was brought to my attention that I seemed to like many athletes who are "stupid, white guys". I took great offense to this and to combat this, I will now list some of my current favorites:

Allen Iverson, Derrick Coleman, Matt Harpring, Malik Rose, Brent Barry,Yao Ming, Cuttino Mobley,Steve Nash
Saku Koivu, Jaromir Jagr, Jose Theodore,Keith Carney,Brian Leetch
Greg Maddux, Ichiro,Sammy Sosa,Jimmy Rollins,Chipper Jones,Mike Bordick,Roy Oswalt, Barry Zito, Adam Dunn,Mo Vaughn,John Flaherty,Trot Nixon, Nom-ah
Chad Pennington,Terrell Owens,Donovan McNabb,Brett Favre,Dwight Freeney,Darren Sharper
Old School Favorites:
Dr. J, Rex Chapman, Pistol Pete, Carlton Fisk, Marty Clark, Steve Grogan, Guy Lafleur, Mats Naslund

There you go- that's the list....well for now anyway.


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