Thursday, January 09, 2003

I'm tired.....very, very tired. So tired that I can't sleep, so you get some of my ramblings. Just about to finish one of the longest weeks of my life, but it has been very enjoyable. (Just wait I will get to some sports stuff later) You know sometimes in life you get to meet some really great people and my job has allowed me that opportunity. I won't get into specifics, but I have had the honor and privilege to hang out with some cool folks. Sure they give me a hard time....but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Who says the Big East is top heavy? Stop slamming the conference Cuse continues to battle hard, but the next few games will show where they are at. All I know is that watching Gerry McNamara for four years is going to be a great thing. What a gamer...and you know those are the players I like.

Did you watch The Surreal Life tonight? It's like a car crash- you know you shouldn't look, but you have to. Please let them bring Corey Haim over for a visit....and a Playmate can't get a date? yeah right. How does Hammer survive this time without his posse? Why does Emanuelle Lewis laugh after everything he says?

Getting ready for another big weekend of football. Food and drink picks for this weekend: Burgers over Pizza, Molson over Bud Light and Dunkin Donuts over Krispy Kreme big. Other upcoming events for me- checking out Undercover Brother which gets the Cisco Seal of Approval (tm pending).

Just realized I haven't seen Sue Bird lately-so I better go hit a Google Search. See ya.


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