Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Say what you want about Terrell Owens, but man the guy plays hard each week. He might be a jerk and have a huge ego-who cares when you make plays all game and draw so much attention from the other team. Shockey and Toomer were also impressive for the Giants. Cleveland just choked that game away-no excuses there. Thanks for giving me another week of Bill Cowher's jaw.

My picks for this weekend- SF, Philly, Tenn, and.....Oakland. Shocked? Asking yourself how I can go against Pennington-the guy I talk about every post? Well it is simple-veteran team at home with an extra week of rest has the edge. Yes, the Raiders are banged up in the secondary, but they will pressure C-H-A-D. Also look for lots of Charlie Garner this weekend and that spells trouble for the Jets.

Conference play starts up in earnest this week. Pitt looks tough and I'm telling you the Big East will be good this year....better from top to bottom than the ACC and Big Ten. Talk about that one at the water cooler tomorrow.


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