Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Tuesday night thoughts brought to you by Benadryl....free agency seems to be heating up and I don't know what the Phillies are thinking....Thome for 6 years and Glavine for 4...I like the Braves pick-up of Hampton especially if they get Maddux back..I think Hampton will thrive in the competitive atmosphere in Atlanta...if the Yanks get Bartolo-draft him high in your fantasy league- he could win 25 with that team around him....
Ohio St stepped up and held on and now they wait and see what the Canes do the next two weeks. I predict that Ken Dorsey puts up big numbers this weekend against the Cuse's poor pass d and then takes the Heisman although my vote would go to Larry Johnson of Penn State (just as I said two weeks ago in Boston he is the best rb in the nation...bar none!)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving folks.


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