Wednesday, October 23, 2002

"Jos-e where's the d?"
My Habs are not playing well in front of Theo and the play of Jeff Hackett last week have left many wondering about last year's MVP. I am not one of them as I think the team takes Theo for granted and sometimes expects him to save them. Let's hope he can right himself soon and maybe Hackett can fetch something good (more size) in a trade.

Behold the power of the Rally Monkey....I'm thinking that this could make a great Halloween costume this year unless you can get your hands on a David Eckstein mask.

My take on Emmitt Smith is that while he is not the best back of all-time, there is no shame in having him hold the rushing record. People forget that he was the core of that Dallas team and the man simply found his way to the end zone like no one else.


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