Saturday, October 12, 2002

Clah-ssic day of college football action. Say what you want about Ken Dorsey, but he wins games and gets the ball into the hands of his playmakers. Chris Simms, well nothing against the kid, but would you draft a QB in the first round that hasn’t won the big game. Especially when you look at the weapons he has at his disposal. He plays against Oklahoma like the Washington Generals play against the Globetrotters….and that’s not good.

Someone told me Syracuse played a football game today, but I don’t recall that happening….really I don’t. College hoops season is on the horizon and I think it will be another outstanding season that will see the return of the Big East. Pitt, UConn, SU, BC, Gtown and Nova should have good teams this year. As we get closer, I will utilize my “patented prediction process” (an official trademark of Black Squirrels, Inc) to give you the full scoop.


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