Thursday, August 29, 2002

Less than 4 hours from the strike date and I believe that a work stoppage will be avoided. Both sides have too much at stake this time. Another World Series cancellation will hurt some already suffering markets. My take on things is that baseball should establish a minimum salary cap. If you aren't going to spend some money to compete, then don't buy a team. Why should other owners give money to guys just out to make a profit...*cough cough Jeff Loria, Carl Pohlad...cough cough*. If baseball strikes, well at least it is football season.

Right now my Orange are looking pretty bad against BYU. Hope this doesn't serve as a preview of what the season will be like.

Sue Bird update- favorite food- french fries...not dating the Backstreet Boy....if I see that she loves chocolate donuts, I might have to move to Seattle....just kidding.


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