Sunday, August 11, 2002

Congrats to Barry on reaching the 600 homer mark. For all of those wondering, he won't stay around to challenge Hammerin' Hank, but there are a couple of guys who might. My picks right now are 1) A-Rod, 2) Vlad and 3) Sosa. Those guys could play long enough and have good ballparks (except Vlad) to hit in. (For Vlad, if Les Expos move somewhere they will build a park that he can take advantage of). The one edge that these guys have is that they swing the bat- can't hit homers if you walk....and remember boys and girls what Maddux and Glavine told us "Chicks Dig the Longball".

It's almost college football time again and I say that Miami is the preseason favorite. However, I think that the Canes will not go through the season undefeated. This will be the year for Chris Simms to prove to the world that he can lead Texas to a title. My preseason pick for the Heisman is going to be Rex Grossman. I think the Gators will throw enough for him to rack up some great numbers. My longshot picks are Jason Gesser from Wash St and Byron Leftwich from Marshall. Big East picks: 1) Miami 2) Syracuse 3) Va Tech 4) Pitt 5) BC 6) WVU 7) Rutgers 8) Temple.


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