Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Back from Philly and sorry to report that the Braves did not wear the powder-blue unis. Instead we got the 1970s and those have the lower case "a" hat which is about all I can say about them. The Vet has $1.25 hot dogs down by the left field foul pole and Jim the dancing usher. Jim is very (hmmm..how shall I say this) "enthusiastic" about his job and the Phils. The guy was going like mad in mid-90s heat, even donning the rally bandana late in the game. When the final out was recorded, Jim looked like he had just lost- he definitely took it hard.

I don't get the throwback unis that some teams have been wearing, but did you catch those yellow A's jerseys....wow they were so bright poor Dave Burba couldn't focus to throw a pitch with the bases loaded. I've never seen a pitcher freeze like that and it must have been the jerseys.

It was a great weekend hanging out with Travis and Justin- just having a good time and coming up with some crazy stuff. Sometimes I think it is good that we don't live closer to one another- that could be big trouble for a bunch of people.

Celtics get Vin Baker- the rest of the East laughs. So does mean that Antoine gets his wish and brings the ball up? Think Vin was depressed before- how is he going to like being ignored by Walker and Pierce.


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