Thursday, July 11, 2002

Quick update tonight. Nice trade for the Expos getting Floyd. He should play 1st and hit behind Vlad to add some protection to the middle of the order. I am also happy that Encarnacion is in Florida as he will get to play everyday and that helps my Black Squirrels fantasy squad.

Softball Update: Nice comeback win for the Collective Unconscious tonight. I was 2-2 w/ two walks and 3 runs scored. My OBP is sitting well above .500.

Now playing: I used to do this back on my old site, so here are the songs getting frequent airplay in the Sentra:

"Business"- Eminem
"Boom"- P.O.D.
"I Feel So"- Boxcar Racer

Boilermaker is Sunday- I'll update you on that event next week. I should have some stories from Utica and maybe a guest rant by The Rog.


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