Thursday, July 18, 2002

Not much to write tonight. I will be heading to Philly this weekend to catch the Braves-Phillies on Saturday. According to my man Travis, both teams are wearing their 80s uniforms which is going to be sweet. Powder-blue v-necks for the Bravos. Too bad Maddux pitched last night. Speaking of Maddux, watching him pitch is amazing. The guy looks like someone who does your taxes and not someone who would dominate the Majors. I appreciate how quickly he works, and just goes about his business. Plus, the "Chicks Dig the Longball" commercial that he did with Glavine is a classic.

Well I made my mound debut tonight as I pitched mop-up duty in our blowout loss. It went well, but we still lost by ten runs. Thankfully everyone makes the playoffs. I will be back with a report from my trip on Sunday. Have a good weekend.


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