Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Back from The Boilermaker and if you ever need a good reason to put your body through 9.3 miles of pain, then this is the place to be. The route is packed with spectators and the free popsicles,pepsi,choc. chip cookies and of course beer are worth all that torture. For me it was a chance to catch up and work on the plan to bring back ......The Black Squirrels!!!!!

So I read this article in the NY Post today and the guy talks about how the Mets can land A-Rod. Pick up the courtesy phone Junior and give Tony Tarasco back his stash. Why would the Rangers give up A-Rod for a bunch of has-beens and never proven prospects. A-Rod is only the best player in the game right now. Yet, Joel Sherman thinks that picking up Rey Ordonez,Robbie Alomar, Jeremy Burnitz,Roger Cedeno and two prospects for A-Rod,Hank Blalock and Gabe Kapler....as Rog would say..."Riiiighttttt". I mean do I need to break this down anymore. Yes, the Rangers are awful and want to dump salary, but you don't trade the best player in the game. This would be like the Lakers trading Shaq (along with Kareem Rush and Brian Shaw) to the Celtics for two 1st round picks, Kenny Anderson, Vitaly Potapenko, Rodney Rogers, Walter McCarty and Tony Delk. Would anyone think he that's a good trade for LA. No, they wouldn't. If you were to trade A-Rod, it would have to be for Nomar and Casey Fossum, or Tejada and Zito. C'mon people, a little common sense here.


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