Monday, July 29, 2002

Right now JD Drew is the happiest man in St. Louis. Why, you ask? Well, now when the Cards return to Philly, he will no longer be the most hated man on the visiting squad. So Rolen is in St Loo, but they still need some pitching to be a threat in the playoffs. Meanwhile, my man Jim at the Vet is telling everyone how Bud Smith joins Padilla, Duckworth and Myers to give the Phils a good young staff. Time will tell if Jim's prediction will be true, but I know that Jimmy Rollins is still the man most likely to play with a toothpick and that rates him high in my book.

Here are my thoughts about baseball: Boston needs to make a move because the Yanks can be had this year, but not with this squad. Tony Clark and Frank Castillo won't cut it. The Mets should trade some guys as I think they will fold down the stretch and be screwed for next year.....or they could just send all the castoffs like Ordonez and Cedeno to Florida and my friend Jeff Loria.

Softball playoffs tomorrow...more after the game.


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