Thursday, July 25, 2002

Quick update tonight before I head out to RI in the morning. I think that I did not do Jim from The Vet justice in my last update. The guy was worth the price of admission and if every pro and college team has a few fans like him, they are in good shape.

Softball has reached the playoffs and we are scuffling right now with new line-ups each game. I am feeling better at short as of late, but my arm can't take too many long throws from the hole. Hopefully, we can win a couple of games and keep the season going- if not it has been fun.

Well NCAA Football 2003 is out and in my possession. Great game and as always EA Sports comes through for the college fb fanatics like myself. Don't run, but drive (carefully) to your local store to pick this bad boy up. I guaranteee that you won' t be disappointed.


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