Monday, August 05, 2002

Gotta talk about Bud Selig tonight as he just can't keep his big mouth shut. Now why would you come out and bash the Twins as they are having a great season. Who cares if it's an aberration, that's what makes sports so great. People like the underdog and that has been the case since "Dynamic" David and his trusty slingshot. I am pulling hard now for the Twins to make the Series so the fans in the Metrodome get their chance to give it to Bud.

I wanted to talk a little bit about my latest "sports crushes". Now as a sports nut, I have had plenty of crushes on women athletes (for a variety of reasons too). A few years ago, it was all about Monica Seles due to her comeback and professed love of french fries (mmmmm fries). Now I am not saying that Monica has lost any status, but lately my attention has been drawn to two new ones. The first is WNBA, and former UCONN, player Sue Bird. Yes, Sue is attractive and a fine point guard, but she makes my list for two things:1) singing a line from "Big Poppa" during a commercial and 2) telling Dan Patrick that she wants to get a monkey for a pet. (As my friend, and #1 column fan Justin will tell you, we talked about the same thing a few years back ). The only knock on Sue is that she is reportedly dating Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys...Sue...whassup wit dat?

Now the second newcomer to my list is golfer Mi Hyun Kim. I watched the final two holes of the LPGA tourney yesterday and watched as Kim came back from a shot in the water on the 17th hole. On her next shot, she stepped forward and yelled "Go" at the ball. That coupled with the fact that her driver seems to be bigger than her, yet she plays with a fire and competitiveness that goes against someone with Disney character club covers.....gotta love it.


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