Thursday, August 22, 2002

Yeah we're runnin a little bit hot tonight ...(bonus credit if you know where that comes from). Little League baseball fever has swept K-Wall's place. What a game last night as TX and KY engaged in quite a battle. Felt bad for the pitcher who lost the game, but those kids played with great heart. I will not forget the kid who's eye black had been smudged from what looked like tears. Now tonight Mass and Harlem are playing another great game.

These kids are really showing the big league guys how the game is bigger than the individuals. I don't think there will be a strike this year..too much to lose on both sides. Hopefully they will come to an agreement and that sit down after the season ends. Baseball does need some work and I am not sure it can be solved by luxury taxes and revenue sharing. Why penalize the Yankees, Braves, Red Sox and reward the Marlins, Royals-who do nothing to try and improve their team? The NBA seems to do things best as the NFL makes it very difficult for teams to keep their players-so I don't think a salary cap should be implemented.

The Sports Guy ran a funny story about football video games last week. I have been playing since the Atari and I have to say that Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders and Christian Okoye were by far the best running backs in video game history. Too many games at Club Sass were decided by the dreaded toss right to Sanders.

AL MVP update: 1) A-Rod 2) Tejada 3) Soriano 4) Pedro


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