Sunday, August 18, 2002

Been a long time since I rock n rolled on this page( there's my tribute to Phoenix- Sasseville and Morrissette). What have we missed....Little Leaguers showboating, Soriano goes 30-30, A-Rod and Sammy keep deliverin the goods for crappy, crappy teams, Bonds breaks bat- hits homer...Wall yawns since he saw Big Mo do it 12 years ago at McCoy. Work has been kicking my butt up and down the street this week (I am typing this from work right now 9:15am on a Sunday!!!!), so I am a bit out of it.

My highlight of the week was watching Greg Maddux interact with a couple of young fans while standing in the on-deck circle. (You might say "Big Deal", but I say "Yeah it is because I said so" and then you are like "You're suck a dork"and I'm like "Don't make me smack you") Whoa..lack of sleep is getting to me...anyway what made it cool was that Maddux had just given up 3 runs, so you know he was pretty miffed (keepin it PG for the kids) but he shook hands with the little guy and got a ball for the kid's sister and I thought that was pretty cool.

Hope to get out and hit the links this week as I continue to work on my "Quest for the Senior Tour"...a little over 20 years to go before hopefully you will see me playing a round with a 350-lb Phil Mickelson and a bald Brad Faxon.

Hey West Virginia...just a little bit scared of Marshall aren't ya? How can a Big East school turn down a 3 for 1 deal with a MAC school? I might make a call to Mike Tranghese- let's dump WVU for Marshall, we don't need anymore wussy schools in the Big East. The Thundering Herd rule that state and the Mountain-fears know it.


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