Monday, August 19, 2002

LL World Series update- kid from Hawaii's favorite player is David Eckstein...more kids should have Eckstein or Trot Nixon as their favorite players. These are guys that play all out, all the time and if they make an error, they don't shy away from the criticism. Guys that just leave their hats and helmets dirty to make you think they play hard- no these guys are true "gamers".

Well, since my man in Texas,Deangelis, felt a little left out- this is for him.....because you have to look out for the guys who keep the same haircut since 1987. Anyways, he's a big Steelers fan and so the other day I was reading how Kordell is going on and on about how once the Steelers let him throw the ball- they started to win. Hello???? Please Slash, if it wasn't for Bettis running the ball Pittsburgh would be nowhere. Where was that great passing game against the Pats? That arm looked good on those 3 INT's you throw Slash. Just wait until Week 5 when you will be holding the clipboard behind XFL superstar Tommy Maddox. I mean a guy has a few decent games and then suddenly he thinks he's the next John Elway when he's really the next Richard Todd.

While I'm on the NFL kick, here's some early predictions in Larrry King random thought style.....Redskins won't make the playoffs(just go watch the Fiesta Bowl tapes to see how to beat the Fun n Gun offense).... Ricky Williams will lead the Dolphins to the AFC East Title...Marvin Harrison and Qadry Ismail will each catch more than 10 td's....Bills make the playoffs, Patriots do not...Super Bowl Titans-Eagles....and with that I bid you my adoring fans adieu.


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