Thursday, September 05, 2002

How bout those Oakland A's??? Well of course now that I said something they will be sure to lose tonight. Regardless I am starting to waver on the A-Rod as AL MVP. Let's see how Tejada handles the next couple of weeks, but if he keeps this up he should win the award. My fantasy baseball squad made the playoffs by virtue of a tiebreaker..but of course my entire offense except for Vernon Wells and Josh Phelps is's hoping Adam Kennedy can give me a spark.

NFL starts tonight and so let's go with the predictions:
AFC East: Miami, Buffalo, NY Jets, Patriots...
AFC South: Indy, Tenn, Jacksonville, Houston
AFC North: Pitt, Balt, Cinn, Clev
AFC West: Denver, Oak, SD, KC
Playoffs: Oak, Miami,Pitt,Indy,Buffalo, Denver
AFC Champ:Indy
NFC East: Philly, NY, Wash,Dal
NFC South: TB, NO, Atl, Cha
NFC North: GB, Minn, Chi,Det
NFC West:StL,SF,Sea,Ariz
NFC Champ:Philly
Super Bowl:Philly over Indy

No updates for a couple of days as The Rog finally returns to the Cuse. Tune in for updates on the O-Zone and Rog's thoughts on the US losing to Argentina.


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