Monday, October 07, 2002

"I've got a lot of teeth"
That NBA/ESPN commercial is great. I hope this is only the first in a series. I want to see Steve Nash and Linda Cohn exchanging hair care secrets while Stuart Scott is playing chess with Ben Wallace.

Yankees and D-Backs are we get Rally Monkey vs Homer Hanky. If San Fran holds on tonight, will Tony Larussa announce that he will intentionally walk Barry Bonds for the entire series?

First to have a complete breakdown on the sideline? Mike Martz or Bill Cowher? Any thoughts on who is the LVP in the NFL so's my list: Kordell Stewart, Johnny Morton,Randy Moss.

When Jim Brown: All-American debuts on HBO in Dec- be sure to watch. Yes, the man has flaws, but check out the game footage and be amazed by how Brown dominated and destroyed defenders.

My NHL Prince of Wales Conference preview...we go from #1 down because that's what matters most...(Note: I am a diehard Montreal Canadiens fan. I do not hide this, so keep in mind as you read this)
1) Ottawa Senators- should have the top overall record, but will NOT go to the Stanley Cup Finals
2) Philadelphia Flyers- very dangerous if they play some defense this year
3) Washington Capitals- as Jeff Burke once said about Jagr "Look Mario, I score goal."..he will score a lot this year
4)Montreal Canadiens- Jose + Koivu= better year for Les Habitants
5) Carolina Hurricanes- little letdown after last year's playoff run
6) NJ Devils- trades will hurt record, but still dangerous in the playoffs
7)Toronto Maple Leafs- unless Eddie loses it again
8) NY Rangers- they have to make it one of these years...don't they?
9) Boston Bruins- see how much they miss Dafoe and Guerin
10)NY Islanders- still not quite there w/o Peca
11)Pittsburgh- "hey Jaromir, I still score goals"...just not as many as he used to
12)Buffalo- getting more offense if the team can pay their checks
13)Atlanta- young guns creep up the ladder
14)Florida- Luongo and not much else
15)Tampa Bay-they should trade Lecavalier to Montreal for Stephane Quintal, Jeff Hackett and Mike Ribero..sounds fair to me..


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