Monday, September 09, 2002

It's getting hot in here....well that's today's theme anyway as I sit here in this heat wave recapping quite a weekend. Gotta say that I liked the enthusiasm of some of the SU fans in the O-Zone, but guys c' one ever impressed the ladies by being rude and vulgar towards them. All you are doing is depriving us of seeing the Tully's Dancers up close. I enjoyed being able to stand and yell and not have people screaming to sit if only the Cuse can get some wins.

So Miami just rolled on the Gators this weekend.(that will teach ESPN for tauting Grossman as "Rexclamation" dare they disgrace the legacy of Rex Chapman- one of my all-time favorites). The Canes just ran over and through Florida and served noticed that they aren't just a flash and dash team.

Another great game from D-Nabb wasted by the Eagles-hopefully some of those guys will step it up a bit.....oh hold on a second I thought I was done with this update and I just tossed my helmet across the room...ok that joke was about as good as a Tom Tupa pass, but it was a decent effort. How bout them Cowboys?????

A's and Angels get it going this week and hmmm where are the Red Sox in all of this? Last week of my fantasy baseball season as I am getting whalloped in the playoffs...only a miracle can save me this week.


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