Wednesday, September 25, 2002

"Rannnnnn-dy you don't have to turn left at the light
Rannnnnn-dy you don't have to go over the middle tonight
so put away your helmet and grab yourself a jumpsuit
soon you'll be a Raider anyway."

Hey maybe the guy just wanted to be like Billy Ocean....(you know..."Get out of dreams and get onto my car")...haha man I am killing myself about making my team even who does Culpepper throw to...Sammy White? (Bet you thought I was going to say Ahmad Rashad..please) ...where in the name of Chuck Foreman are the Vikings going?

Because I'm feeling retro right now- think the Rams are wishing they had Lawrence McCutcheon this weekend? (When I was growing up I had two super-cool shirts...1) A picture of a Pete Rose baseball card 2) a 3/4 sleeve shirt that said Sir Lawrence of LA - Lawrence McCutcheon was The Man)...just dropping some more knowledge on the Tecmo Bowl generation...Fresh for '85...suckaaaaaassssss!!


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