Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Trying to update this a little more often. I am going to hold off on tossing more dirt on the Rams burial. Let's see if Faulk is out for long before proclaiming them done. One question to ponder....how about those "offensive geniuses" Spurrier, Holmgren,Billick and Martz....not too many wins between them are there. It is still too early to jump on the Panthers bandwagon....however I will say that Saints look good and Ricky Williams has fit in nicely in Miami.

My baseball comment from yesterday was based on the fact that the pennant races are over and so many teams are just limping home. I want to take exception with something that my pal The Sports Guy wrote about today. He said that the Red Sox had a good year and it just wasn't meant to be....c'mon SG. Let's look at some facts- Lowe,Pedro and Wakefield are pitching awesome...Manny and Nomar are having their typical solid years and this team isn't even in wildcard contention. What happened to the we are going to win the AL East? Where's the hey wait until Oakland,Seattle and Anaheim beat each other up while we feast on Tampa,Baltimore and Toronto? This is beginning to take a Portland twist- big money team put together to knock off champs only to suffer from a lack of identity. Good teams win close games and come from behind. Boston has been nothing more than mediocre since April and the future looks bleaker- no farm system, owners trying to cut payroll and many key players coming towards free agency.....let's go Pawsox!!!!!


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