Monday, October 21, 2002

Kudos to Tim Salmon for delivering big time last night. Wish I could have seen that game, but since it has to start after the thrilling Eagles-Bucs game, I missed out on the end. You know what is a crazy idea- a World Series game that starts during the day- oh wow I need to stop this crazy talk.

Let's hope Brett Favre is ok. I'm no Packers fan, but the guy plays the game the way it should be played- he has fun and goes all out to win. Kind of eerie that he goes down on the day that ESPN runs a story on his backup Doug Pederson...*cue ominous music*..

Some random thoughts: This Barry Bonds guy is pretty good......can't wait to see Spreewell vs The Post on next week's episode of Judge Mills Lane....just what is happening in Viking Land when they only score 7 against the there a new NFL rule that says every team must wear ugly uniforms at least for one game....let's pray that the Chargers don't make the Super Bowl this year- can you say NFC blowout if this occurs....I still say Va Tech or Miami will win the National Championship this year...what was Bill Walton talking about in his Page 2 column?....maybe the Mets will ask me to manage them next year....


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