Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Goin back to Cali..well the World Series trophy will be staying out west for at least one more season. I am going with the Angels due to their offense and pitching so far. Maybe LaRussa shouldn't have walked Bonds with nobody on base in Game 4. Anyone who played RBI baseball can tell you how good Benito Santiago is.

I thought the Terrell Owens thing was pretty funny. Yeah it was putting down the Seahawks, but hey they play again and they should just try and hammer him when he comes across the middle. The NFL should be happy because it brings attention to the games...maybe put some fun back into the league. So much for people not giving the Patriots credit...way to lose at home to a banged-up team. Maybe Antowain Smith is not the back everyone thought he was last year. Gotta love Brett Favre and the way he plays ball....he is a definite throwback.

Things are not looking good on the S.S. Layden based out of NYC. I am still predicting a Spreewell trade to either Miami or Dallas. NY fans will not sit through a 60 loss season. The only thing I am looking forward to this NBA season for is the return of Barkley and Walton.


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