Friday, October 25, 2002

Has this page become the new "SI jinx"? Last night my Habs took another one on the chin(and the mouth and both eyes) and the Angels were shelled. Can the Rally Monkey pull out two more games? Guess I shouldn't have worn the Angels shirt the other night.

Don't count on seeing the Boston Expos next year. Do you think George will stand by and let the Sox get the extra revenue from 81 more home games in Fenway....yeah right. I think Commissioner Bud has some big ones: 1) he tries to let his friend Pohlad contract the Twins and pocket 300 million 2) lets Jeff Lauria off the hook in Montreal and gives him another franchise to ruin 3) sells the Red Sox to his pals over the Cablevision group and now he wants to help them out with money. Don't you think that KC and Pittsburgh will be jumping in line. Besides, I don't see the Player's Association going along with a barnstorming deal or move to a temporary location. It makes it hard to live or be near your family if you are not in one place....and the logistics of two teams sharing a ballpark wouldn't be easy. Why doesn't Bud just do what he really wants to do and give Boston Vlad, Vidro, Vasquez and Colon so they can win a World Series and beat the Yankees. I predict that George is going to be very angry and will be out for blood this off season. Here are your 2003 NY Yankees: 1B- Giambi 2B-Soriano SS- Tejada 3B- Jeter OF- B. Williams OF- B. Giles OF- J. Cruz C- Posada...oh you think this can't happen......check back in March and see.

Good luck to Art Howe- you're going to need it. Soon you will long for the days of tripping over race cars in the clubhouse....welcome to the world of Rey Ordonez- the most overrated player in baseball. Burnitz and Cedeno make Justice and Long look like All-Stars.

I'm saying that FSU beats Notre Dame this weekend. The Irish have not thrown the ball well enough to take advantage of FSU's weak secondary and look for Greg Jones to get back in the Heisman race with a big game. I'm also taking Penn State over OSU as long as Larry Johnson keeps getting the ball.

O where are thou Daunte Culpepper? Don't make me play Chad Pennington...I'll do it...I'm not more 3 INT 2 fumble game and you're benched....wait...don't walk away.....please I don't mean it...just run the ball 25're bound to go over 100 yards...don't give it to Moe Williams at the goal line...Daunte I need you....don't be mad..I wasn't really going to play Pennington.....time to get to work....out.


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