Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Kudos to the Angels for coming back and winning the World Series. Also, I think that Barry Bonds proved that he is capable off playing well in the postseason...have any of his home runs landed yet? No we head to the offseason and already the managerial merry go-round has started. Art Howe in NY, Lou in Tampa, Yost in Brewtown and former PawSox star Eric Wedge takes the reins in Cleveland. I think Dusty Baker will stay in San Fran only because I think Barry will stand up and demand that he stays.

Guess I was wrong about Notre Dame and Ohio State....that's why you should never use my advice for illicit gambling purposes. My powers are only for good boys and girls - remember that.

Think NFC teams are losing some sleep thinking about the years of McNabb, Vick and Brooks that lie ahead of them? Of all of these guys, Brooks has the best supporting class and the other guys are just elevating their teams. It's going to be a tough MVP vote. Over in the AFC New England is in trouble if they lose next weekend against Bledsoe's Boys. I wouldn't put the blame on Tom Brady though. He is not the qb to throw 40+ passes a game. The Pats won last year by running the ball and playing tough d....hmmm this seems to come up often when discussing winning football teams.....

Big game for my fantasy squad as the return of Mason and the continued great play of Deuce McAllister led the way....Yeah I play fantasy sports, so I'm a dork.......ok give me a moment here.....there I'm ok...big deal I've always been a dork and always would be- now I am off to play NHL 2003. Buh-bye!


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