Monday, November 04, 2002

Just another manic're welcome Lakers fans. Another weekend and another guy I rip shows me up. This time it was Kobe as he puts up back to back Ice Cubes (meaning he messed around and got a triple double) over the weekend. My condolences to Knicks fans...when you blow a 17 point lead against that Philly team, it does not bode well for the rest of the season.

The unbeatens are dwindling over as the college football season winds down. Say what you want against Miami- they still look tough to me and I think Hurricanes-Sooners is the best possible matchup. I happened to like the green jerseys of Notre Dame...folks superstition or not, uniforms have never cost a loss....too bad because now the green jerseys and the Chargers powder-blue badboys will be retired for a while I am sure.

Hope you have been following my advice and going against my picks- if so you are doing alright and any contributions will be accepted.

Kudos to Eric Hinske for the AL ROY award as he would be a guy that I would take as my 3rd baseman again next year. When is Tim Hortons going to make it to Syracuse? As H. Simpson puts it so well...."MMMmmmmmm...donuts!!!!"


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