Friday, November 01, 2002

RIP- JamMaster Jay..."JamMaster Jay turnin out that sound...turntables might wobble but they don't fall down"

It's a little depressing to lose one of the members of one of my favorite groups of all time. A little over a year ago, I saw Run DMC in concert and while Run is a lot heavier and DMC is into his own thing-it was great hearing the classics. Let me tell you, Ja Rule and Fat Joe won't be remembered in 20 years unlike the boys from Run DMC.....

NBA Action it's .....well it's getting better, no really we are going to have some teams score more than 100 this year, we promise. So, Kobe gained 15 pounds in the offseason-just more that blocks anything Phil Jackson says. Who needs Shaq now? Don't be too surprised to see the Lakers trade Kobe somewhere where he can score 35 ppg on a crappy team. Now I know Kobe is a great player, but he is selfish, doesn't listen and does not trust his teammates- they guy is not a leader at all. Check out ESPN's Page 2 for a sweet article about Kobe and his attitude.Looks like the Vin Baker Curse is settling into Boston right now- losing by 30 to the Wizards as Dennis Miller might say "Ouch Babe."

I am trying to compile a list of reasons why the Hornets would retire Pistol Pete's jersey....they are desperate for acceptance in N'awlins...that's it..that's the list! Now those who know me, now that I think the Pistol is cool like that, but come on-the Hornets didn't exist while he was alive-how can they retire his number? Someone explain this to me......

Let's see no Deuce and no Edge this week- c'mon Amos Zeroue..woohoo Steelers. I'm taking Bledsoe over Brady, Niners over Raiders,Pack over Fins and in the big game of the week Jacksonville over the Giants.


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