Monday, November 18, 2002

You're the author of an anonymous blog who has the chance to spend a weekend in you a) back off due to bad weather and miss out on good time with some friends or b) you go and sacrifice sleep as you show them that turning 30 isn't a death sentence and that a little bit of a gut doesn't make you a bad guy thus giving them hope as they speed through their 20s. Well if you were Hubie Brown you might say something like that and if you haven't heard it before than get over to and listen to Andy Polley's imitation of the unique coach/broadcaster/coach.

Yao finally goes off and I don't care if it was against Mededenko and Horry. Give this guy some time as he has great touch around the rim. He will open up things for Stevie Franchise and Cuttino Mobley. Saw something in ESPN Magazine which called Kobe the next Pippen...ouch that's gotta hurt...hey at least Kobe hasn't begged out of a game because he doesn't get the last shot. Gotta love the I am thinking of going for the Steve Nash look this winter...

Another Heisman list: 1) Willis McGahee 2) Byron Leftwich 3) Brad Banks 4) Larry Johnson (who I think is the best overall back in college and as I was told this weekend "that's a bold statement Wall"...hey I'm all about making bold statements...that and eating donuts)

"Lose Yourself" might be the best Eminem tune yet....who's going to be the first rapper to take that leap and wear a Chad Pennington jersey?....that new Oregon Ducks mascot is- well I don't know what to think of it at all- just seems odd, real odd....nice move by the Braves to get Hampton...where will Glavine go now or does Hampton become their new 1st baseman-he might hit better than the Franco boys....will someone actually trade for Rey Ordonez and Jeremy Burnitz and if they do does that qualify them for temporary insanity- I wouldn't make that trade in a videogame....


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