Monday, November 11, 2002

Returning to CNY after spending a couple of days trapped in hotel at LaGuardia, I was thrown back into the college football madness. The Cuse wins a shootout against a top 10 team...Sooners are dropped, ND struggles against Navy and that LSU Hail Mary. The funniest thing was seeing the kid in the blue tie running out on the field and then realizing that the Wildcats lost...HA HA! How dumb do those Cats fans feel after rushing the field during a loss? I am hoping that somehow Texas does not back into the National Championship game.

Do you think Kobe's shoulder and elbow are still sore after those 47 shots? Nice d by LA as Stackhouse dunks for the game winner. Shaq just sits back and says who needs who now. Nice to see all of those SU alums on the field at The Vet yesterday, but if you thought Mungro would have the best game of all of them, then you might be more than a little bit nuts.


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