Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Back with more random it's a Larry King column...Ko-be Ko-be...kind of tough carrying a team by yourself isn't it....why all this talk so early about who will play for the US in 2004-like we have to win the gold there or else, it's just basketball folks and I'm sure that if enough of the big guys play (Duncan,Garnett,McGrady,Kidd) there will be no worries....Lisa Ling is leaving The View-well guess I can stop watching that show and start tuning in to MSNBC....Big Show as WWE champ-are you serious????....go out and get GTA:Vice City-the game is hella's been over a week since I had a donut...that might be some sort of record for me...ok gotta go as my hero Bill Walton is on droppin more knowledge.


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