Sunday, January 05, 2003

That was some college football game on Friday night. I have to admit that I thought Miami would win by more than 10, but Ohio State showed a stronger pass rush than I thought they had. They really made Dorsey look uncomfortable and forced the issue in the first half. Krenzel was tough- taking all of those shots. I wonder why Tressel was so conservative in the 4th quarter, but hey it worked out. As far as the controversial call, well I didn't think it was interference since Gamble easily had his hands on the ball. However, my biggest problem is with the timing of the flag. If it is interference, then don't wait for the ball to hit the ground-just throw it. This is becoming too common in college and the NFL- receiver doesn't make the catch and stands up pointing for a flag and then here it comes. Someone needs to put a stop to this.

Anyone know who has been talking up this Chad Pennington guy for weeks now? Oh yeah, that would be me. J-E-T-S! Eeeeuuuuuppp!

On a personal note, last night I put on a karoake show the likes of which people may have never seen. What songs did I do? Well glad you asked. Here's the list: "Hot in Herre", "Genie in a Bottle", "Yellow", "Lose Yourself" and "Ice Ice Baby". It was a small crowd and I was a little rusty on some of these, but next time I will dig deeper into the repertoire. Maybe I will take this show on the road to Boston in a couple of weeks.


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