Sunday, December 08, 2002

The question everyone wants to know did Chad Pennington do this week? Huh, you mean that's not what you want to know? Oh...the Heisman..well 6 td's is impressive and I would still go with McGahee as my choice. Dorsey catching a td pass wouldn't have changed things, but since most of the Heisman voters are ridiculous it will be Dorsey, Palmer, L. Johnson,McGahee and Banks. This is how it should be: McGahee,Banks,L.Johnson,Palmer,Leftwich and Dorsey. When did the Rose Bowl move to Miami? Gotta love how the BCS has protected the purity of the Bowl Games. We sure don't want a playoff system to come in and mess with the sanctity-now we get Keith Jackson calling the clahh-sic matchup of Washington St and Oklahoma.

I am still amazed at how Major League Baseball is running the Expos. Now we get to watch as the Yankees get Colon (when this happens be sure to pick him up) and Atlanta gets Vidro and Vasquez all so MLB can save a few bucks. Can't they just sell this team and let them move to DC?


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