Sunday, December 01, 2002

Today's update brought to you by Omoycyllin for all your anti-biotic needs....So I dragged myself out of my apt for the first time in almost 3 days to catch the Miami Hurricanes and here's what I think:...this team is loaded on offense...the line is solid,McGahee is a star back(great vision and ability to cut back), Dorsey will kill you if he has time, Andre Johnson has some serious wheels and Winslow is a great 3rd down receiver. McGahee didn't get too many touches since SU played the run, but he made two great long runs. Doresy impressed me as he might not be the biggest or fastest QB but he put the ball where it needed to be nearly every time. My Heisman poll right now: 1)McGahee 2) L. Johnson 3) Dorsey 4) Carson Palmer 5) Leftwich........VA Tech is going to have to step it up big next week as this Miami team looks real focused on getting back to the National Championship game.

College hoops is kicking into swing and everyone wants to talk upsets...sorry folks, it's too early to do that. Let's get into the conference schedules before we start going crazy. Looks like the Tar Heels are back though. Man there are some freshman making a huge impact this year already-if only these guys would stay for four years.


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