Monday, December 16, 2002

Should have played Culpepper this week. Now I sit here and sweat out the MNF matchup hoping that Keith Bulluck and Derek Mason can get me 20 pts....go Titans! This is no knock on my boy Chad Pennington-he would have gotten me another td if Chrebet hadn't fumbled. Lots of parity in the NFL..who knows who will end up in the Super Bowl, but I don't think it will be Atlanta and Pittsburgh.
Congrats to Carson Palmer-have fun in Cincy or Carolina big guy. Waiting for the college hoops season to get geared up.

Nice moves by the Mets today. Stanton will be a big pick-up for them and how they have managed to dump Ordonez,Burnitz and Cedeno is spectacular. They still need a third baseman and outfielder though. Could we see Vlad Guerrero and Adam Dunn in the same outfield? Wow that would make me take a couple of trips to Montreal. I also like the 4 team deal from Sunday. Durazo can bash if he is healthy, Dessens adds some depth to Arizona, Lopez gives Cincy a solid middle infielder and Toronto adds some young pitching which it desperately needs. Look out for the Jays if they can get another pitcher for Jose Cruz. This is just the beginning of a wild off season.


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