Saturday, February 01, 2003

It's All-Star time and that means all sorts of stupid controversies and more ridiculous comments from athletes. Vince Carter has just completed his full heel turn. C'mon VC like the millions of people who voted for you would be saddened if MJ started for you. AI and T-Mac had the right idea in offering up their spots and MJ did the right thing by declining. Now Vince looks stupid. I mean do you think you even deserve to be in the All-Star game? Do the right thing and take the weekend off so that Ron Artest can play. The nation wants to watch Artest make Kobe's experience miserable. Ok, maybe not the nation, but I sure want to watch that.

Who cares about the Pro Bowl? Thanks to all the player's wives, girlfriends and families for raising your hands. Everyone else could care less. It's all about the NHL All-Star Game this weekend baby. This might be the best chance for anyone from Ottawa to get paid this year. Has any championship team not gotten rings because they couldn't afford them?

In honor of this week's State of the Union, I will now give you the "State of K-Wall" address. Ahem...thank you all for attending. 2002 was certainly a year of ups and downs but, as I embark on a new beginning in 2003, I am encouraged and energized. This page will hopefully be updated more often with more of the opinions, jokes and pointless references to donuts that you have all come to know and love. Now I must get ready for the Cuse- Pitt game tonight. Go SU!!!


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