Thursday, January 23, 2003

Wicked Awesum!!

Well, that's how I would summarize my MLK weekend in Boston. Despite some rough times due to bad sweet and sour chicken (curse you Kee Kar really I swear it was the chicken and not all the beer that made me sick..well that plus the stomach flu bug that was going around). But anyways, let's get back to reality. I had a blast catching up with the Cuse crew in Beantown. Friday night was spent taking in The Modeles hearing my man Zing get wicked with the drums. Saturday afternoon I lit up the Harvard field for 2 td catches in the MLK Bowl. Then we braved the sub-zero temperatures for a night out downtown.

Sunday brought some great games of Madden 2003 and a pathetic performance by the whole Eagles squad. What were these guys thinking? Hey, let's surprise the Bucs by not blitzing them until the 3rd quarter and on offense we will play right into their hands. It was a sad day for our group of D-Nabb fans. Then, it was off to the Royal Rumble- my first live WWE ppv. The night started slow, then Benoit-Angle tore the roof off the mutha'. Yeah I know it is all fake, but those two guys put on some athletic show-even so that Benoit lost and left to a standing ovation from fans of the town of Nomah.

The weekend left me with some great quotes topped off by this response to my quest for bread- "We have bread,.........but I wouldn't eat it." I had some good one-liners during the Madden games including:
"Dig that zany sidearm style"- after Rich Gannon slings in a short in
"This game will be decided by turnovers and special teams" "This is a pivotal possession in this game." "Pennington inspires the whole team- he makes them believe they will win." "Ricky Williams has more Yac this weekend than me."

Well my Habs have changed coaches and now traded Jeff Hackett. Too bad he ended up with the Bruins- whoops. Nice deal by the B's who add a goalie and Jeff Jillson-another Rhode Island hockey star to their roster. Hey at least Saku Koivu will be in the All-Star game.

Time for sleep- will try to get more updates this weekend. As always boys and girls- "Be Like Chad!"
Super Bowl pick: Raiders-27 Bucs-13.


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