Saturday, January 11, 2003

Mmmmm..donuts. Just some Saturday night words of wisdom as I flip between Habs-Sabres and Eagles-Falcons. No tears shed for the Steelers today. Maybe next year they can get Ray Lucas and play 5 QB/WR's at one time and run all sorts of gadgets play...or they could get a cornerback since I don't think Dewayne Washington cut it in the overtime today-letting Justin Mccareins ( the Justin from American Idol?) school him big time. Looks like D-Nabb's ankle is holding up well so far (knock on wood).
Now that we are into 2003 I thought I would give you my list of what is in and out for me this year (links included for those of you who want to hop on the bandwagon):

Music-In:Coldplay Out:Anything by Ja Rule with a female R&B singer (that takes care of 47 songs)In: Bond Out: Limp Bizkit
Jersey- In:Chad Pennington's #10 Out:Kordell Stewart's #10
In:Yao Ming's 11 Out:Drew Bledsoe's #11
Thursday Night TV- In:The Surreal Life Out: ER
Sports Crush- In:Sue Bird Out: Michelle Kwan (but only because she is married)
Donuts- In:Tim Hortons(hopefully soon to be in Syracuse) Out:Krispy Kreme
Cuse Hoops Player- In:GerryMcNamara Out: Deshawn Williams and Preston Shumpert (not missed this year)
Fantasy Baseball Pick from Toronto- In:Josh Phelps Out: Shannon Stewart

Ok time to watch the second half of this game. Playoff recap will be here Sunday or Monday. Less than one week to my return to Boston for what is sure to be a "wicket awsum weekend of paaahtying in summaville"


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