Monday, January 27, 2003


Well, color me suprised by the Bucs domination last night. I expected the Raider line to give Gannon time to pick apart the zone, but I didn't expect that to come in the 3rd quarter when they were already down by 30 points. The other shocker was the running of Michael Pittman. Great MVP balloting though- give it to the guy the fans voted online for. I have big problems with that. First, why give him all of the votes for finishing 1st in the online balloting and 2) why trust people who are online during the Super Bowl!!!! If you are on the internet during the biggest event of the year (except the Final Four), you're a loser. Looks like we can get ready to hear Sapp and Keyshawn talking for the next 7 months.

Highlights of the night included:
-Terry Tate - Office Linebacker
-Ozzy saying "you're bloody magicians"
-Madden's new word "contrarian"

Some disappointing news out of Montreal today. Looks like my man Saku Koivuwon't be playing in this weekend's NHL All-Star game. Tough break for the Habs captain who is following Mario and Lance as guys returning to the top of their games after overcoming cancer. Kind of makes you feel guilty for complaining about a little cold.


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